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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Man, I get bored so easy. You better join the human race, said the man.  But I say … never mind it doesn’t matter. It’s not the size of the words that counts; it’s the depth of the vowels. God! I really am dying of boredom, as I sit in the dark while this dying balloon from some birthday that passed weeks ago hits my face. And so I write this existential piece on peace and war and love and balloons and bullshit. It’s a song really or a dance, or a dumb ass waste of time and effort.
Damn it. Still bored. Still so bored. I need some dopamine sandwiches or serotonin sliders. That will really get me thinking. Today in particular was taxing.
I woke up at 6:42 a.m. I got a long-distance text message from some girl. I went out to my backyard to pee. I didn’t want to wake up my date from last night for fear of having to hear her speak again. Oddly enough, I was still pretty horny.
I masturbated. I fell back to sleep. I woke back up at around 8:30 a.m. There was this girl. She left. I showered. I went to Subway. I had them make me some sandwiches. I took the sandwiches to a meeting with some other woman. It was her lunch break, my breakfast.
After breakfast, we messed around a little. I got punched in my testicles. I went to the bank. There was a silk bag full of money. I went home to try and take a nap. There was another phone call from another girl. I ate some more. There was some TV watching and some reading done. I fell to sleep.
There were these sexy ass dreams. I got horny. I masturbated. I tried going back to sleep. There was yet another call from a completely different woman. I watched some TV. Some other girl that used to live with me came over to pick up some of her things. I almost got run over. My sweater was stuck in the window. I got horny. I masturbated. I watched TV. There was funny stuff going on. I went to the gym. I came home. Facebook. Twitter.
There was all kinds of details somewhere in the day, but so what? See what I’m saying? I’m disintegrating in dullness.
A winner of the Hollywood Book Festival, So Go On and Live poignantly and bitingly captures the angst and restlessness of modern American youth. Pedro “Pete” Salcedo, a young but worn down journalist, is on a figurative and metaphorical journey through the absurdity of life, America and beautiful women. 

After accepting a prestigious job in Washington, D.C. and subsequently losing the love of his life, Pedro loses himself, first to his work, then to the road and eventually to the apathy, alcohol and cynicism that permeates through youth culture. Pedro struggles, like many of his generation, to get his life in order and hang on to love, sanity and pathos in this modern world, where women, relationships and sexuality are constantly evolving. 

So Go On and Live is a wild and emotional expedition into the existential and farcical perspective of a drunken, Mexican-Irish, would-be poet offering a new breed of optimism that comes with a nihilistic twist.
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Rating – PG-13
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