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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Telling a Story Through Poetry, and Why Is Erotic Poetry Important?

I just love a nice juicy long…book.
If it’s a thick book, I think to myself, I am really going to be able to spend some time with these characters and submerge myself in the plot. When finished, I hope to find myself missing the people in the story as if they were real.
Having a strong plot that culminates into an exciting climax and then a cohesive conclusion wrapping the story up, always leaves me with provocative thoughts and makes me a very happy reader.
I approach my poetry in much the same way (although I really did not realize it until I was doing some final editing on one of my poems in my 2nd book). You will notice that my poems are equivalent to mini poetic vignettes. Concisely laid out scenarios to introduce the reader to a ‘predicament’ set up through the beginning lines of the poem, arriving at the peak moments achieved, and then coming full circle to tie up any loose ends and conclude the scene.
A poem with a resolution gives me the chance to create my “…and they lived happily ever after ”.
Lately, a common question that people have been asking is why did I choose to write erotic poems and why do I think that erotic poetry is an important genre in a sea of so many types of reading material.
Probably if I were to sum it up in one word it would be ‘immediacy’.  In a world hungry for instant gratification, erotic poems provide a quick direct  and sexy way to immediately understand the “story”. Compactly told, the poems are able to instantly take you from your here and now and thrust you into a sensual scene vividly painted with words.
If you are feeling the urge for a quick erotic escape from your normal world, I encourage you to take a peek at my erotic poetry. I guarantee it will change your mood!
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Seductively yours,
Clarissa O. Clemens

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