Sarah Nicholson Shares 7 Things You Didn't Know About Her @evolutiowoman #Women #TBR

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

 7 Things You Didn’t Know About Sarah Nicholson
  1. I am an Australian of Scottish-Irish descent and I live in the beautiful coastal harbor town of Sydney.
  2. I have travelled solo through more than 10 countries across the globe; including, France, Greece, Thailand, India, Singapore, Turkey, Amsterdam, Switzerland, Taiwan, Canada, UK, USA and Bali.
  3. I only feel that I am truly and fully the human I am meant to be when I am surrounded by, and immersed in, pristine, uninterrupted nature.
  4. I wrote and published poetry through my twenties, spent my thirties completing a PhD and writing non-fiction, and began to write a novel 12 months ago.
  5. I lived one year fully off the grid relying solely on solar power, rainwater and a composting toilet - with a baby!
  6. I love the experience of being completely absorbed into other narrative worlds thriugh novels, films and TV series.
  7. I've twice led women's retreats with yoga, meditation and creative writing in the lush surrounds of Ubud, Bali.

This work uses multiple disciplines, that will reveal how women can achieve self-realization and emerge into an integral future. To do this, Sarah Nicholson brings into dialogue and tension mythology, transpersonal psychology, feminism(s), developmental theory (individual and cultural), and integral theory. The amount of material that she has brought to bear on her question is very impressive - particularly her comprehensive and insightful review of developments in feminist thought.

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Genre - Non fiction, Women's Spirituality
Rating – PG
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