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Sunday, March 16, 2014

  1. Write, write and write! Whether it’s your newest book, your diary or simply postcards to friends - keep writing! Think about it as “economies of scale” - the more you write, the easier it gets.
  2. Find your voice. Each of us has one in real life. We also need to find it in our writing. Your voice is something unique to you and your work and you will only find it, or rather it will manifest if you keep writing. Wouldn’t it be great if someone opened your book without looking at its cover, read a few pages and said: “Ah! This must be [insert your name]”? That’s what a strong voice is.
  3. Find your manuscript’s voice. While your author’s voice is unique to you as an author, the manuscript’s voice is what makes this particular story stand out. Some writers say that there are only so many universal themes and they’ve all been used plenty of times. The only way to become noticed now is through your story’s unique voice.
  4. Read other books of your genre. Do it for research purposes, to generate ideas and to expand your vocabulary. You need to know your competition, you need to know your market. You could then even write a parody of an existing title. But you can’t do that if you’re not familiar with what’s already available.
  5. Read books about writing - I recommend Stephen King’s “On Writing” - I found it to be an excellent guide even though I can’t digest his novels (just not my genre, sorry Steven). Not only books, read blogs on writing. Know the rules for writing a good novel/non-fiction/whatever you’re writing. You can then break them but you first need to know what they are.
  6. Sign up for a critique group. I’ve only done this recently and the benefits are amazing - get somebody to give you honest feedback in exchange for you giving them the same. This way your manuscript gets that extra boost and you learn to look at your work with different eyes.
  7. Do a writing challenge. Challenge yourself to write a book in one month or one picture book every month. You can either formalize it by joining an official group with a challenge already set up or you can do this privately - just for yourself.
  8. Become part of a community. I recommend 12x12 for picture book authors. Authors are often islands. And it can get lonely. If you join a community, your life becomes much more colorful, you get support, motivation, inspiration and plenty of other perks.
  9. Submit your book for awards. If you’re writing with the goal of submitting your book for awards you are immediately improving your writing. You’re making it the best it can be, because you know that you want to win those contests. And you believe you can. You can find a list of book contests on my blog.
  10.  Relax. You have all your life to write, publish and promote. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

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