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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

‘The man was short, wore funny-looking trousers and a light-blue shirt, and the sides of his lips always seemed to turn up into a smile, though David didn’t find what he had to say amusing in the least. The man spoke Thai, inserting English phrases now and then, spoken with a horrible accent. He paced in his tiny office and gesticulated as he spoke. David wondered why he had chosen this man exactly.
“I suggest you give up,” the man said to David with a smile. “Finding anything, anyone in this city…” he continued, gesturing out the window. A skyscraper was being erected outside, directly across from them. The construction noise was deafening. “This is a metropolis. You understand?”
“I know what metropolis means. I’m not paying you to tell me that it’s easy to disappear here,” David answered in Thai. “Our agreement was based on other terms.”
“Look, your request… How am I supposed to find someone who lived here twenty years ago? No one has ever even heard of the name. I searched all of Cowboy, all of Nana…”
“I didn’t ask you to look in those places. I don’t even care where you look. Just find the person I’m paying you to locate!”
“Who knows how long she lived here! Perhaps she went somewhere else after you met… to the sea. Or south. Perhaps to the north. Maybe she’s not even living anymore. It’s a harsh life, you know…”
“None of this interests me,” David said, towering over the fellow. “Will you finish the case then?”
“I need time… time to at least find a trail.”
“You’ve already been looking for a year.”
“And you’ve been searching how long…?”
David contemplated this. He felt like walking out of this little man’s office right then and there. He even thought about taking his case to the office next door. There were several private investigation offices in the building; how could they all stay in business? No, he had put too much energy into this guy, had provided him with so much information, he couldn’t start all over again.
“Well, you’ll have to quicken your pace. I’m not giving you another year. Or even months. Only a few weeks. I’ll double your money if you focus on my case only. A few weeks. You understand me, right?”
David was in a bad mood as he stepped out the door. How he’d hoped the detective would make better progress! He wished he could reach his goal and find what he had been seeking fanatically, for many, many years. How foolish he’d been! So foolish… As soon as he stepped out the door of the office building, he was struck by the heat and humidity. Drops of sweat trickled down his face, and he could hardly wait to signal a taxi that would take him back to his hotel. He decided he would go down to the pool, have a swim, and sunbathe a little. Perhaps in the evening Richard would arrange a grill party and that would help time pass. At night, he’d go on his usual rounds. He was starting to scare himself.’
Bangkok: a sizzling, all-embracing, exotic city where the past and the present intertwine. It’s a place where anything can happen… and anything really does happen. The paths of seven people cross in this metropolis. Seven seekers, for whom this city might be a final destination. Or perhaps it is only the start of a new journey? A successful businessman; a celebrated supermodel; a man who is forever the outsider; a young mother who suddenly loses everything; a talented surgeon, who could not give the woman he loved all that she desired; a brothel’s madam; and a charming young woman adopted at birth. Why these seven? Why did they come to Bangkok now, at the same time? Do chance encounters truly exist?
Bangkok Transit is a Central European best-seller. The author, Eva Fejos, a Hungarian writer and journalist, is a regular contributor to women’s magazines and is often herself a featured personality. Bangkok Transit was her first best-seller, which sold more than 100,000 copies and is still selling. Following the initial publication of this novel in 2008, she went on to write twelve other best-sellers, thus becoming a publishing phenomena in Hungary According to accounts given by her readers, the author’s books are “therapeutic journeys,” full of flesh and blood characters who never give up on their dreams. Many readers have been inspired to change the course of their own lives after reading her books. “Take your life into your own hands,” is one of the important messages the author wishes to convey.
Try it for yourself, and let Eva Fejos whisk you off on one of her whirlwind journeys... that might lead deep into your own heart.
About Eva Fejos, the author of Bangkok Transit
- Eva Fejos is a Hungarian writer and journalist.
- has had 13 best-selling novels published in Hungary so far.
- Bangkok Transit is her first best-seller, published in 2008.
- has won several awards as a journalist, and thanks to one of her articles, the legislation pertaining to human egg donation was modified, allowing couples in need to acquire donor eggs more easily.  
- spends her winters in Bangkok.
- likes novels that have several storylines running parallel.
- visited all the places she’s written about. 
- spent a few days at an elephant orphanage in Thailand; and has investigated the process of how Thai children are put up for adoption while visiting several orphanages. 
- founded her own publishing company in Hungary last year, where she not only publishes her own books, but foreign books too, hand-picked by her. 
- Her books published in Hungary thus far are:
Till Death Do Us Part (Holtodiglan) | Bangkok Transit | Hotel Bali | Chicks (Csajok) | Strawberries for Breakfast (Eper reggelire) | The Mexican (A mexikói) | Cuba Libre | Dalma | Hello, London | Christmas in New York (Karácsony New Yorkban) | Caribbean Summer (Karibi nyár) | Bangkok, I Love You (Szeretlek, Bangkok) | Starting Now – the new edition of Till Death Do Us Part (Most kezdődik) | Vacation in Naples – the English version will be published in summer, 2014 (Nápolyi vakáció)
To be published in spring of 2014: I Waited One Hundred Nights (Száz éjjel vártam)
Bangkok Transit (English version): http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00HDIT4UY
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Genre - Women's Fiction, Contemporary
Rating – PG-13
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