#AmReading - A Killer Margarita by Michele Scott @michelescott1

Friday, January 3, 2014

A Killer Margarita by Michele Scott


Napa Valley winery manager Nikki Sands is full of Christmas cheer and anticipating an exciting family vacation to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to ring in the New Year. Along with her husband Derek, his brother Simon, and Simon’s partner Marco they head for sun, surf, and sand expecting to enjoy some serious R & R.
However, things turn dark rather rapidly when Nikki uncovers a dead body washed up on the shore. The victim, a woman who goes by the name Dream, was staying at the same hotel as Nikki, and seemed like a troubled soul. When someone who Nikki believes did not commit the crime is arrested, in typical Nikki Sands fashion she goes on the hunt for a killer. This time she not only receives a little help from Simon and Marco, but also—surprisingly—from her newlywed husband Derek.
When a second body turns up though, Nikki & Co. begin to realize that they might be in way over their heads on this one, as it looks like a Mexican Cartel could have a hand in the murders.
With car chases, masterful disguises, and a couple of Chihuahuas wearing ponchos and sombreros, Nikki will have to find who is behind the murders quick, or possibly find herself and her family six-feet under.
Includes festive drink and recipe pairings!

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