Matchplay Series (Three Book Boxed Set) by Dakota Madison @shortontimebook #Romance

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

From Fair Play


Evan steps to my side and shakes Mr. Donovan’s hand then he gives Mrs. Donovan an awkward A-frame hug. After all of the formalities are finally exhausted, he places his hand on the small of my back and I’m a little startled by the gesture. It seems too intimate and too protective a gesture. That’s something you do to your girlfriend not your fuck buddy.

As nervous as the gesture makes me, I don’t step away. I actually kind of like it. As many guys as I’ve dated over the years, I’ve never had a full-on relationship. One: because I never found anyone worth going out with more than a few times and two: because none of them were Aaron Donovan. It’s tough for any guy to be compared to Aaron because chances are nearly 100 percent that he’ll never live up to Aaron in any way. That’s because Aaron is perfect in every way. And it’s not just his looks, which are amazing. It’s everything about him. The way he looks at you with his smoldering brown eyes and his sexy smile. And the way he makes you feel when you are around him, like you are the most important person in the world. Not only is Aaron one of God’s true gifts to women, he is the epitome of charm, class and charisma in a breath-taking package.

I’ve only seen one guy, who has even come close to Aaron in both looks and charm and that guy currently has his hand on the small of my back. “I’ll walk you back to your car,” Evan whispers in my ear. His gruff voice makes me a little hungry for an Evan appetizer before dinner.


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Genre – New Adult Romance

Rating – R

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